CJC 艺术家 in Residence

The CJC 艺术家-in-Residence 养老 was established in 1998 and endowed by the 卡普兰 Family Foundation, 公司. of 巴尔的摩 and Catherine R. 卡普兰, 1978 of New York in memory of her father, the late Caswell J. 卡普兰.The endowment provides special programming for the arts at Roland Park Country School on a rotating basis between the performing and visual arts. Through the CJC 艺术家-in-Residence Program, RPCS has brought leading visual and performing artists to campus to work with students of all ages. Their creations bring energy and contribute to an atmosphere of playful invention in the School.

CJC 艺术家s in Residence

一年 艺术家
1998 -1999 Kristen Linklater, Head of Theater, Columbia University - Voice Workshops
Anna Deveare Smith, 演员 - Healy Lecture
1999-2000 Kate Campbell Stevenson, 作家, 演员, 生产商, sound and light technician, make-up artist - Women: Back to the Future 
2000-2001 John Viles, visual artist - Centennial Sculpture 
2001-2002 Nancy Wanich Romita, 舞者, with Robert Macht, composer – Dance Performances with original music and a Gamelan ensemble 
2002-2003 Susan Martin Maffei and Archie Brennan, weavers – Tapestry
2004-2005 Dr. Paul Rardin, Director of Choral Activities at Towson University - Choral Performance
2005-2006 乔伊斯J. Scott, visual artist - Grand Staircase Art
2006-2007 Naomi Shahib Nye - Poet
2007-2008 Christopher Eaves, 演员 - Theatre
2008-2009 Valeska Populoh, artist – Recycled Fashion
2009-2010 Becky Jung of Pilobolus
2010-2011 Philip Collister – Voice
2011-2012 Molly Ross – Theatre Puppets
2012-2013 Maria Broom - Theatre
2013-2014 吉米·金斯特尔 《葡京会官方app下载》
2014-2015 Alexa Miton – Dance
2015-2016 Katherine Dilworth – Grand Staircase Art
2016-2017 Jim Papoulis – Composer

Vienne Hucek Rea, 1982 – 艺术家

2018-2019 Stacy Martorana – Dance
2019-2020 Erin Crites – Theatre


蒂娜Canady, 2013 - Filmmaker | Brittney Johnson - Broadway Actress | Chani Maisonet - Broadway Actress
*Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, we retroactively had three CJC artists-in-residence for the 2021-2022 school year. 

2022-2023 N/A